Author name: Marco Cattaneo

What is Tantric Massage and What Does it Feel Like?

You can call it erotic massage, naturist massage, sensual massage, or holistic integral massage, but none of these names accurately describes it.

The authentic tantric massage is an experience that, depending on your sensitivity and state of consciousness, can be lived in different ways.

It can be experienced as a physical and relaxing massage that treats every part of the body (including the intimate parts) and that allows you to experience intense and repeated orgasmic pleasure.

It can easily become an intimate moment with yourself, which contributes to the acceptance of the body, the deep listening of kinesthetic sensations, and which culminates in the liberation of sexual energy.

Over time and with practice, it can greatly amplify and become an ecstatic experience that unites body, mind, and heart, and that, through the elevation of sexual energy, brings you to a sense of universal connection.

Whichever way you experience it, the practice is not a form of therapy (although it can have therapeutic effects) and requires maximum respect for your time and listening to your needs. The practitioner who performs it remains fully clothed.

About Pleasure and Uniqueness

We are all so different from each other!

Women are all so different from each other!

If there is one thing that a massage therapist can never, ever know, it is what their massage is really like, because you either give the massage or receive it. You can’t do both. So, you can only know your massage through the testimony of other people who receive it. And even in this case, the experience is certainly different from words.

I practice tantric massage only on women, given the intimate nature of this discipline. But every single woman on whom I do it is a universe of her own, each one is completely different from the others.

The body is different because each one grows with her own characteristics, emotions are different because each one has experienced her own “traumas,” character is obviously different because each one has her own preferences, and pleasure is extraordinarily different because, unlike men who are much simpler, every woman has a unique and different innervation of the intimate parts.

Moreover, not being a woman, I had to learn mainly through feedback from women (who are not always willing to talk), as well as through observation and sensitivity.

Fortunately, there is calibration, that is, the ability to read a person from the signals they unconsciously transmit. Breath says a lot about a woman experiencing pleasure, eyes say a lot (which are generally closed during the massage), but also skin, body temperature, and changes in the most sensitive areas.

Fortunately, there is intuition and empathy, that is, the ability to feel a person experiencing pleasure, even if this quality requires years of training.

Fortunately, there is energetic resonance, which in some special situations allows you to experience the same ecstasy that she experiences.

Two. Not one more.

I have received several massages in my life. And you can tell when the person doing it is present in their gestures and when they are not; when the massage is done with love and when it is not. Then there are all the other issues, such as technical skill, intensity, dedication in providing a service, and preparing the environment for the best.

Two massages per day. Not one more. If I were to do more than two massages a day, they would lose their magic, my mind would go elsewhere, and my hands would act automatically. The beauty of it is to be present, possibly with two people, breathing together.

Certainly, each person will choose the massage therapist they like best, the one they feel most in tune with (especially if we’re talking about tantra!) and you can’t please everyone. But one thing is certain: the pursuit of perfection and love in massage makes a difference and I have always given it my all.