Tantra Massage Reviews

Tantra Massage in Roma: R.’s experience

It was a day in February 2015 when, for the first time, I met Marco. My heart was racing, as a mix of excitement and fear pervaded every thought.

As I lay down on the couch, I tried to calm myself and Marco was reassuring, guiding me through every step, in the simplest things. When his hands began to touch my skin, an unknown yet familiar energy awakened within me. It was as if I was rediscovering parts of myself that I had forgotten.

I returned every week, seeking that sense of peace and connection. Each session was a journey, an immersion into a world of sensations. Sometimes it was like floating in an ocean of warmth, other times like dancing with the energy flowing through me.

As time passed, I began to notice some changes. Not only in my relationship with my body but also in my everyday life. I looked in the mirror and saw a woman who shone, who loved and respected herself.

During each session, I felt as if Marco, besides my body, knew my soul. That feeling of being seen, accepted, and loved for who I truly was, was something I had never experienced before.

Now, as I write in my diary, I feel a deep gratitude. Those months, those weekly sessions, transformed me in ways I could have never imagined. And every time I think back to that period, my heart fills with love and gratitude.

Tantra Massage Review: N.'s experience in Rome

I came to Rome as a burned-out Psychotherapist and social entrepreneur diagnosed with a Long Covid.

I had achieved the ‘success’ I’d worked so hard for but at a price.

After pushing through exhaustion for years, my body had rebelled. I needed to recover my sense of soul, creativity and natural bodily rhythm.

I needed touch, movement, nature, a slow pace and sensuality.

In London, I had had deep tissue massage which helped a lot, though it increasingly puzzled me that talking therapy, massage, eroticism and spirituality are in separate therapeutic boxes. I believe they belong together. This train of thought led me to Tantric massage while i was in Madeira, starting an extended recovery break.

The people in Madeira were extraordinary, but I was to spend most of my break in Rome and when I looked up Tantric massage there, all I found were kinky sex parlours.

The word ‘Tantric’ is used to describe many things; if you want authentic Tantra massage you need to research carefully. My own research let me to Marco. His site spoke in a different register to everything else I’d seen in Rome; he writes intelligently and beautifully about his approach in this type of work.

I did feel (very) anxious before my first massage, but when Marco opened the door I immediately felt at ease. He spoke less than other practitioners I had seen but had an open, radiant face and respectful manner. I trusted him.

The aesthetics in the studio added to this: soothing lighting; a shrine, evocative eastern music. This was important. I believe that aesthetics – the way things appeal to the senses – are not superficial but core to a whole experience

Unlike other Tantric practitioners I had seen, Marco remained fully clothed.

I had two massages on two sequential days. They were completely different, but both were amazing. For me, Marco’s touch has a unique electric quality – it was like two live wires meeting went his hands met my body.

The first massage was deeply erotic. Marco writes that each woman has her own erotic universe inside and he seeks to discover and respond to it. He succeeded; I left the studio laughing and elated.

In the second experience, I breathed deeply all the way through as Marco advised. This time the experience was more therapeutic and cathartic. Tantric practitioners believe that pressure points inside the body are connected to chakras and can release trauma or emotional blocks. This was the case for me. Marco’s touch evoked aspects of my life story, including experiences i don’t clearly remember. It was as if he played back to my body imprints stored there from the touch of others. I had a series of cathartic releases: crying, laughing and shaking. At the end I felt cleansed – although the next day quite drained. I recovered well in the next 24 hours with plenty of sleep and I would advise anyone to give themselves time to rest after this type of massage.

My Tantric massages have been essential steps in recovering my lost sense of soul, in tuning back into my own bodily rhythms, and rediscovering sensuality and pleasure in life. I have felt freer in my body, sexier. And from the responses I’ve been getting – it seems this is apparent to others too.