Tantra Yoga: The Meeting of Heaven and Earth

Thanks to the sense of guilt instilled by the Christian-Catholic culture, we are used to thinking of sex and spirituality as two elements at opposite ends.

Yet, think about it: it is through sex that man and woman create life, come together in love, and can experience ecstatic experiences. Doesn’t it seem incredible to you? What is closer to spirituality? What is more powerful within us? Precisely because of the power it releases, sexuality has long been condemned and associated with impurity.

In the Yogic-Tantric tradition, which has its roots in ancient ascetic practices of millennia and developed in the centuries of the Middle Ages, spirit and matter are two sides of the same coin, different frequencies of the same spectrum of energy. From the elevation of sexual energy, emotions, personality, higher feelings, creativity, and everything that makes us human is generated, as described in the classic Chakra model. Heaven and earth meet in us, although many Yoga practitioners ignore (or prefer not to consider) this reality.

Tantric massage, often confused with a practice aimed solely at physical pleasure, is an evolutionary tool available to the human being who desires to be deeply rooted in the earth, but stretched towards heaven and spirit. It is not easy to grasp this essence at the first experience, but over time it can offer you awareness of the body, the release of ancient emotional knots, the rediscovery of a healthy personal power, and greater connection with the spiritual reality of which we are a part.

Does this mean that physical pleasure is not important? On the contrary! It is the first step on a path towards healing and meeting the soul. The important thing is not to stop at that first step.”